Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

The Elvis Is Alive Guestbook Page 14

6/26/2009 10:07:51 AM

Name: Elvis Aaron Presley

Location: Graceland

Last Sighting: I am elvis.

Comments: hello everybody. this is elvis. im here to say that i am and will be alive for the next 200 years. the government injected me with 200 years of life. A serum called Adiosidict. (the c is silent) I am alive! i repeat, i am alive!

6/18/2009 2:01:01 AM

Name: dsgd

Location: dafsg

Last Sighting: dags

Comments: elvis is dead beacause he would be about ... 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/17/2009 6:42:13 PM

Name: proof

Location: america

Last Sighting: graceland 8 16 77

Comments: What more proof do you want, what star do you know is buried in their own backyard.NOW THAT IS SICK! MORBID!

6/17/2009 6:40:25 PM

Name: joe america

Location: graceland

Last Sighting: aug 16 77 graceland

Comments: Dont be a fool guy. Elvis and the colonel pulled the wool over the worlds eyes and had the money to do it. It was all paid for.

6/17/2009 4:30:09 PM

Name: dfgsdg

Location: dgsg

Last Sighting: higjh

Comments: Elvis is DEAD

6/17/2009 12:35:31 PM

Name: thorn

Location: his house

Last Sighting: HIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: he is the best and coolest persion ever!!!!!!!!!

6/13/2009 4:54:08 PM

Name: Laeka

Location: Unreleased

Last Sighting: I can't recall the exact date, but I believe it to be an estimated thirteen years ago.

Comments: I always believed that Elvis was dead, but I simply had to search up the facts on a faked death. I went to a large rock and roll concert, and the performers were inviting members of the audience on stage, but a man who looked remarkably like Elvis was inv

6/13/2009 11:23:10 AM

Name: barbra

Location: ELVISSSS


Comments: oh man he's alive man oh man oh man oh man man he's alive man man he's here he's with me HE IS THE ELVIS oh man mananamamanamanaman. THANKYOUVERYMUCH. my MAMA sez he's aLIVE. (lol. johnny cash > elvis.)

6/10/2009 7:27:09 AM

Name: elvissucksass

Location: kansas city

Last Sighting: again in my dreams

Comments: all you people are just embarrassed that the man DIED ON THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/8/2009 4:50:19 PM

Name: elvissucksass

Location: kansas city

Last Sighting: in my dreams

Comments: you people need to let this man go. even if he was alive he would be dead by now. black people need to let go of tupac and white people need to let go of elvis.

6/8/2009 9:46:58 AM

Name: jesse

Location: york

Last Sighting: this morning when i looked in the mirror

Comments: i am jesse aka elvis just to let all you sceptic no i am real i did fake my death and want you all to know i am doing well, i have just been made a grandfather. i am really happy since "my death" thank you all for your comments

5/30/2009 2:49:23 PM

Name: The Erisian Elestria

Location: graceland

5/28/2009 2:15:53 PM


Location: MADISON TN



5/28/2009 9:30:52 AM

Name: Heaven

Location: Mineral Wells Tx

Last Sighting: if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all... and wether elvis is alive or dead it shouldn't matter to ya'll! If he is alive then he faked his death to get away from people like ya'll... Can't ya'll just give him a break!!!


5/28/2009 9:27:47 AM

Name: Heaven

Location: Mineral Wells TX

Last Sighting: I personally haven't seen elvis, but people like Mrs. Peacock and Nixon need to get a freakin life!!! Elvis is well respected and shouldn't have stuff like that said! I don't care if your joking but DON"T SAY ANYTHING THAT COULD BE TAKIN AS AN INSULT!!!


5/25/2009 9:52:01 PM

Name: John Burroughs

Location: Kalamazoo

Last Sighting: When I looked in mirror

Comments: I am alive.....Um, i mean ELVIS is alive. In Heaven

5/18/2009 2:06:14 PM

Name: see see

Location: az

Last Sighting: elvis may still be in phx az under a name of jesse/or norm

Comments: elvis was arrested in phx az in 1988 has jon burrows so here it is if he died in 77 how could he be in jail here under jon burrows

5/16/2009 3:03:20 PM

Name: Dustin

Location: the moon

Last Sighting: never, he's dead.

Comments: So, you post a website saying that Elivs is alive and write a whole elaborate article basing it on nothing? You have no evidence or reasoning. The only people that think Elvis is alive are the stupid retards that go to Graceland every year and seeing thos

5/10/2009 10:32:52 AM

Name: me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location: derby

Last Sighting: i swaer i saw him he is so old now he look difrent i was so happy 2 see him alive

Comments: i belive in him still bein alive

5/10/2009 10:32:02 AM

Name: Ellie

Location: Sweden

Last Sighting: On tv in the movie Love me tender

Comments: Hi.I think you should stop saying nasty things about Elvis. He may be dead or alive but still no reason to say nasty stuff. Let him rest in peace or in life... Personally I don´t know what to believe...

4/30/2009 9:16:54 AM

Name: Neji the Nazi

Location: Chicken Land

Last Sighting: On Bob The Builder

Comments: Mr. Pib had another scary dream. I like pie and chicken P.S. I'm an alien from the wonderful world of disney, all Nazi's are WORD YO WORD P.S.S. peace out

4/30/2009 9:10:15 AM

Name: mr pib

Location: somewhere

Last Sighting: I had a scary dream


4/30/2009 5:27:13 AM

Name: Tracy

Location: Ky

Last Sighting: I have not seen him yet but I know he is alive.

Comments: I plan to find him eventually and prove to all of these people who think I am crazy that I am not.

4/29/2009 7:04:35 PM

Name: Charles

Location: Charleston, WV

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