Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

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10/9/2008 2:25:36 PM

Name: Kirsten

Location: Texas

Last Sighting: N/a

Comments: I find this "working for the DEA" theory a bit hard to believe but could you imagine the affect this would have on the world if it was true?if he didn't die at all? that'd be cool...

10/6/2008 12:09:01 AM

Name: Lorraine Foster

Location: tv

Last Sighting: on tv, brilliant though, why is it umpossible for this talented guy to die of natural causes? he was only human and although extemely talented and with the ultinmate X factor, but for the grace of God, we could all go that way, it does not make him less o


9/22/2008 9:13:27 PM

Name: Jonathan

Location: Bloxom, VA

Last Sighting: eating himself to death.

Comments: Why would the government want his fat ass to be a secret agent?

9/11/2008 12:42:20 AM

Name: bobby salami

Location: beaverton OR

Last Sighting: at a garage sale, wearing dark clothing and a cubs baseball hat. he was buying a groovy 80's, golf clubs and an old cowboy hat

Comments: sweet site

9/3/2008 9:24:00 PM

Name: Barack Obama

Location: Chicago, IL

Last Sighting: Never

Comments: Jibbity jibbity jibbity, and a ritta-tat-tat!! Keep hope alive!!

8/15/2008 7:05:32 PM

Name: jasen saffel

Location: il

Last Sighting: It was in 2006 and my wife and i were staying at a hotell right down from graceland.and i was excited to be there ,we were planing to tour the home and i couldn't sleep,my wife could not either,it was about 3 am.we desided to walk down by there just for f

Comments: I'd like to know what has happend to ADAM.M. and his TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS FILM AND ELVIS LETTERS BOOK AND HIS WEB SITE,TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS,AND HIS REWARD.He had all kinds of people send him things and saport his web site and he hasn't updated it since last yea

8/13/2008 9:41:38 PM

Name: James Olda

Location: Ghana

Last Sighting: He is working at the Wimpys down the road from where i live. I cant say where because he would not appreciate it. He serves me up a cheeseburger on a regular basis.

Comments: Believe it or not its true

8/13/2008 3:50:13 PM

Name: Lisa

Location: England

8/11/2008 10:04:22 PM

Name: Ginger

Location: Las Vegas

Last Sighting: cont...cont... April 19, 1995. He was not in the area at that time. For those who believe Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, please continue to grieve for a man who has led a wonderful life for almost 31 years.


8/11/2008 9:58:47 PM

Name: Terry

Location: Ohio

Last Sighting: I met with the man who we all knew as Elvis Presley, shortly after the Oklahoma Bombing. He has not used the name "Elvis Presley" since August of 1977. There are some who believe he died in the Oklahoma City bombing terrorist attack on April 19, 199


8/8/2008 6:24:45 AM

Name: can't tell

Location: Michigan

Last Sighting: Can somebody help me? A friend who really ought to know, I can't say his name, SWEARS to me that Elvis is in Michigan meeting with some guy name Roger or Robert Brikho ( maybe it's spelled Brikho). He says Elvis has agreed to be aconsultant for this guy


8/6/2008 7:46:49 PM

Name: SARA

Location: Newark Ohio

Last Sighting: Sorry i have not sighted Elvis.

Comments: Being the huge Elvis fan that i am i just dont know what to believe.The question has been unawencerd for the past 31 years.Is he Dead or Alive? well i dont think we will ever find out, so everyone should believe what there heart tells them.I have seen the

8/2/2008 8:27:09 PM


Location: ACCOKEEK, MD.

Last Sighting: He lives with me. He moved into my home a year ago to be my homeland security agent, bodyguard, soul mate, earth angel and spiritual guide.

Comments: Elvis and I not only enjoy his talents but we listen to Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, George Strait, Josh Turner, Vince Gill, Josh Groban, Joan Osborne, Donny Osmond and the Kingston Trio!

8/1/2008 1:05:55 AM

Name: Jericho Vaughan

Location: Ripon

7/31/2008 3:53:13 AM

Name: Sam

Location: GREAT White North

Last Sighting: I lived up in the yukon back in 1977 and in sept a new guy moved to town drove a cadallic and had jet black hair an played guitar


7/30/2008 9:27:29 PM

Name: Joe

Location: Boise, ID

Last Sighting: At the county fair buying fried peanut butter donuts.


7/27/2008 1:57:16 PM

Name: Jimmy Dean

Location: Tukwilla, WA

Last Sighting: October 12, 1998

Comments: He was at the Dunkin Doughnuts on 155th Ave South & Columbia Street. He bought a 24 pack of chocolate sprinkled doughnuts and a tub of extra frosting. He then muttered something about "those little grey sons of bitches" and slipped into the night in a gol

7/25/2008 9:04:01 PM

Name: Michael Russo

Location: Brooklyn NY

7/23/2008 8:36:35 PM

Name: J

Location: OKC

Last Sighting: On my TV.

Comments: He is gone folks. As much as I would like to still have him rocking out, he is dead. I think it was The Who that said "I hope I die, before I get old". That is not a bad idea when your as huge as Elvis was.

7/22/2008 8:45:26 PM

Name: Lisa

Location: Cal

Last Sighting: Not too long ago!!!

Comments: Can anyone prove that he really is, in fact, dead? Didn't think you could.

7/22/2008 5:28:24 PM

Name: Evan

Location: New York

Last Sighting: In the moon.

Comments: This site made me laugh, thanks for that.

7/21/2008 1:13:52 AM

Name: Abbey

Location: ----

Last Sighting: Never

Comments: I think hes not dead BUT what happens when hes to old to work what will elvis do now?

7/20/2008 9:00:27 AM

Name: Austin

Location: Louisiana

Last Sighting: Never but here is an interesting thing for you to investigate....

Comments: On the day of Elvis so called death...There was a man looking out the side glass door as the herse drove away....There is a pic of this man i can;t remember where i seen it but seach for it....Also a paulbearer stated that the body in casket was not indee

7/15/2008 4:14:56 AM

Name: EGOR

Location: USA

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