Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

The Elvis Is Alive Guestbook Page 19

3/26/2008 12:08:55 PM

Name: luke

Location: lincoln

3/23/2008 5:55:29 PM

Name: Elvis Aron Presley

Location: Lynchburg

Last Sighting: I am alive! I just can't give my exact location. I am doing well. Thanks for still believing in me! Hugs and Kisses to all of my devoted fans =]


3/23/2008 8:46:58 AM

Name: Rosebuddaa

Location: UK

Last Sighting: Buying A burger in the wal-mart after his show.

Comments: I think Elvis Bee deadd... but then again everyone thought John Darwin was gone, but Nope he came back. But surely someone must have seen Elvis by now, think about it,he's well famous how would nobody spot him if he's alive?

3/17/2008 2:32:34 PM

Name: meh

Location: mehhouse

Last Sighting: hes dead

Comments: twats hes dead.u need to get out more

3/16/2008 5:06:52 PM

Name: ELVIS Maness

Location: Carolina

Last Sighting: When I look in the mirror, just before a Show!

Comments: No, There was only 1...Everyone Loved him...& we as Tribute Artists try our best to keep His Memories alive and well in the hearts and minds of his Fans..."Thank-you, Thank-you very much"....LVIS

3/14/2008 9:10:05 AM

Name: Peregrine Klutz

Location: wakefield in the u.k.

Last Sighting: lying in a coffin with his top lip curled.

Comments: He's gone kids, and he aint ever coming back so you might as well grow up and get on with it. you will always have his memories and , if that aint enough..tough.

3/13/2008 9:05:43 PM

Name: Michael Jordan

Location: Kings Lynn UK My House

Last Sighting: He was in the middle of street talking to my dog and singing while he was walking away. "YOU ANIT NUFFINK BUT HOUND DOG SHAGGING ALL THE TIME"

Comments: It was very very freaky. i miss him like a hound dog.

3/11/2008 5:34:12 PM

Name: Elvis

Location: london

Last Sighting: im alive n00bz


3/10/2008 7:23:14 PM

Name: Tiffany

Location: phoenix, arizona

Last Sighting:

Comments: there is no living proof that elvis presley is still alive if there is i want to see it

3/10/2008 5:09:38 PM

Name: Chelsee

Location: Mi

Last Sighting: never


3/10/2008 3:45:49 AM

Name: ELVIS :D

Location: Miami FL

3/9/2008 3:15:05 AM

Name: luke

Location: His Coffin


Comments: HE IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! FOR GODS SAKE HE IS DEAD NOT ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/28/2008 12:58:22 PM

Name: grant

Location: Richmond, Va

Last Sighting: I was walking through our local mall, VCC, and BAM there was elvis. I pretty much fainted. At first i thought it was an impersonation but it really was him!!


2/26/2008 6:37:18 AM

Name: mary

Location: idaho

Last Sighting: I saw him at a rally where he announced he is going to run as an independent in the presidential race.


2/26/2008 3:26:40 AM

Name: emery

Location: coeur d'alene, idaho

Last Sighting: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Comments: I saw Elvis leaving the Borders bookstore carrying a Elvis Costello CD. He was wearing a tan windbreaker with a ballcap that said LSU Tigers. He had on bluish tinted sunglasses even though it was cloudy outside. I'm sure it was him.

2/25/2008 3:06:39 PM

Name: jack

Location: london

Last Sighting: M25 in a Skoda fabia.


2/18/2008 1:27:08 AM

Name: people please!

Location: Iran

Last Sighting: In his coffin!

Comments: He is dead!!! He had a drug overdose!!! Seriously people!!! HE IS NOT ALIVE

2/15/2008 2:57:36 PM

Name: UmNO

Location: Afghanistan

Last Sighting: Okay, this beleife is the biggest pice of bologna I have ever seen. HE IS DEAD PEOPLE

Comments: Okay, this beleife is the biggest pice of bologna I have ever seen. HE IS DEAD PEOPLE

2/12/2008 1:19:19 AM

Name: todd68756

Location: columbus ne

1/13/2008 1:20:40 AM

Name: Charles G

Location: Jacksonville Fl

Last Sighting: Soon very soon

Comments: I never got the chance to meet him but I will

1/12/2008 8:46:59 PM

Name: elin marie papantones

Location: camp springs md.

Last Sighting: having a party on a record player in the snow.

Comments: elvis sang ketts kavv a karty on the cold record plair.

1/12/2008 8:23:23 PM

Name: walter phillips

Location: accokeek

Last Sighting: elvis is dead

Comments: illegal drugs, prescription drugs, space drugs, christmas space drugs. he never had a chance!

1/12/2008 7:12:22 PM

Name: patspiraldo

Location: forestville md

Last Sighting: with lisa marie at freddies liquor.

Comments: lisa marie did summersalts on a snowboard after drinking grey goose vodka in alices restaurant and she rolled out the starthouse door down the giant slalom ski slope knocking down 16 gates before reaching the finish line at the bottom.

1/11/2008 10:33:53 PM

Name: samkfm

Location: north east england

Last Sighting: he is alive! i can put elvis wirth bruce lee in 1965 and i have photographic proof bruce and brandon are alive! so are you so sure!!!!!!!

Comments: oh well i/ll have to transfer my stuff but... i will give you an email:

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