Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

The Elvis Is Alive Guestbook Page 22

7/11/2007 8:27:11 AM

Name: paul howes

Location: Derby England

Last Sighting: none

Comments: I do believe that Elvis Presley did not pass away on the 16th of august 1977,he was a victim of his own success and had to bow out of the limelight.The only way we will know for certain is to exhume the coffin.

7/10/2007 4:09:29 PM

Name: deanna moody

Location: hurst

Last Sighting: none

Comments: i never thought he died in aug of 77. if you look at the photos of that day in fact my husband saved the newspaper from that day, the man in the coffen is a young man in his 20's and thin. everyone knows elvis was in his 30's and over weight. you do not l

7/2/2007 12:21:18 AM

Name: The Future Mrs. Presley

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Last Sighting: In My Heart.

Comments: I can't stop loving you, EAP. He looks just like you.

6/21/2007 8:51:51 PM

Name: Lindsay Tedocgi

Location: Fl.

6/20/2007 8:33:43 AM

Name: hi

Location: somewhere

Last Sighting: 1977

Comments: that may very well have happened in the 70's, but no longer, if Elvis was still alive he would be 72, he certainly isnt running around trying to bust drug dealers

6/5/2007 6:20:09 AM

Name: Allan & Simon

Location: UK

Last Sighting: 3 weeks ago in Blackpool

Comments: He's still wearing the same outfit, get over yourself fatty.

6/4/2007 4:02:27 PM

Name: Simon

Location: Ottawa

Last Sighting: youtube watching

Comments: Ya i can't find this famous picture of Elvis's shadow sit in the house and watching his own funerals...I remember that it really looked like the king. Aswer me plz, i's like to chek it out again.

5/25/2007 12:35:38 AM

Name: Albert Fish

Location: Prison

Last Sighting: Elvis is dead, stop wasting your life pursuing nothing. We all know he's dead.


5/24/2007 5:17:55 PM

Name: Fred

Location: San Antonio, TX

Last Sighting: Last night on TV

Comments: Cool Web Site!!

5/4/2007 4:03:13 PM

Name: Soren

Location: Beaverton, OR

Last Sighting: At the mini-mart buying peanut butter and bread.

Comments: Welcome !!!!

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