Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

The Elvis Is Alive Guestbook Page 6

3/1/2012 9:46:25 AM

Name: The dude

Location: Europe

Last Sighting: az

Comments: silly americans...

2/3/2012 10:05:00 PM

Name: Larry

Location: Kentucky

1/26/2012 1:42:03 PM

Name: L.L.Nord

Location: Northern Minnesota

Last Sighting: I personally have only seen him several X's since his death..I just wish that this whole mess would end..It's not my place to say where he is..It is quit evident he want's to remain hidden...I'm not sure he will come back publicly again befor he really pa


1/18/2012 11:38:04 AM

Name: Ashe Dtaven

Location: Canada

1/17/2012 11:04:14 AM

Name: roberta westerlund

Location: gardiner maine

Last Sighting: i know hes alive it was all a hoah his xwife and daughter know that he was getting big he worked for the fbi and sang for 20 years and that was enough listen to his sontand now the end is near


1/15/2012 6:31:48 PM

Name: Elvis

Location: Graceland

Last Sighting: At his home

Comments: Yep, I'm alive...and what a great piece of investigative journalism this site is. Perhaps the author should also try and get another life!

1/11/2012 2:48:03 AM

Name: erfer

Location: epojerreg

Last Sighting: ereasdqwnd

Comments: qwdkjwenfjikwnwffw4

1/6/2012 3:49:03 PM

Name: TParker

Location: Mars

Last Sighting: I hate to break it to you all, but ELVIS IS DEAD. Sad, but true...just deal with it.


1/5/2012 2:14:03 PM

Name: m.burrows

Location: graceland

Last Sighting: elvis is a live and living back at brace land

Comments: there is solid proof

1/4/2012 5:00:28 PM

Name: hike mobbs

Location: las vegas at an elvis tribute show cuz guess what he is DEAD

Last Sighting: elvis is dead. give it a rest people. Your hallucinations are getting lame. Lol We all want to appear to be important people but if you lie to garner that importance it is lame.


12/30/2011 6:59:16 PM

Name: Akunak Cakap

Location: Austria

Last Sighting: Still dead I'm afraid.


12/27/2011 2:17:28 PM

Name: Kazia

Location: Escondido Ca

Last Sighting: He is so lovely...

Comments: Big hug

11/19/2011 8:06:26 AM

Name: hewasjustaMAN

Location: massachusetts

Last Sighting: he may be alive but your "story" actually HURTS the alive theory since its grasping and total BS

Comments: your quotes FROM the president TO elvis are INACCURATE those quotes are from the letter ELVIS WROTE TO NIXON not the other way around. read the actual letter and revise!!

11/16/2011 10:11:35 PM

Name: asdjhas

Location: tony

Last Sighting: i saw him yesterday <u>true story</u>

Comments: i saw him yesterday <u>true story</u>i saw him yesterday <u>true story</u>

11/9/2011 11:57:12 PM

Name: greg funyak

Location: monroeville fire department #6

Last Sighting: tv

Comments: he lives i been a fan of yours for a long time p.s. by greg funyak

11/8/2011 11:34:41 AM

Name: JC

Location: Austin, TX

Last Sighting: Television

Comments: Aside from all the cooky theories, there are indeed many discrepancies in the stories of those closest to Elvis, regarding how he died and the events that followed after his death. If he is alive and living in England (as is suspected), where his daughte

11/7/2011 6:44:58 PM

Name: Anthony

Location: Amsterdam

Last Sighting: I SAW HIM!!! its true hes alive. last time i was in vegas i saw him he sung for me!


11/7/2011 11:12:21 AM

Name: mary burrows

Location: england

Last Sighting: none

Comments: some of these comments from people are taking the micky so pleas remove them i hate people who take th piss out of elvis he was and is and allways will be a good man god bless him

10/28/2011 11:17:09 PM

Name: Michael

Location: Tennneseee

Last Sighting: elvis is alive ,the body in the casket was a dummy to fool funeral goers. if anybody said s he he dead there lying he isnt dead.


10/28/2011 4:10:33 PM

Name: Spud

Location: Pratt City, Alabama

Last Sighting: I saw him - I know I did. On a mushroom I ate in a diner there. IT WAS HIM!!!


10/27/2011 12:25:03 PM

Name: Tod

Location: Internet

Last Sighting:

Comments: He is the king and he is alive!

10/14/2011 5:57:22 PM

Name: Shelby

Location: VA

Last Sighting: confidential

Comments: The Gregoire have always been with us.

10/11/2011 12:02:12 PM

Name: Atlantis

Location: Earth

10/10/2011 7:23:57 AM

Name: Jeannette Bonn

Location: Ventura California

Last Sighting: Elvis lives with me.


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