Proof: Elvis Is Alive!!

The Elvis Is Alive Guestbook Page 9

3/29/2011 7:19:56 PM

Name: Martha

Location: Florida

3/21/2011 3:53:52 PM

Name: ally

Location: poughkeepsie, ny

Last Sighting: stewarts on rt 44 in poughkeepsie new york

Comments: bought peanut butter, fluff,and 3 slim jims

3/20/2011 6:12:43 PM

Name: maria

Location: england

Last Sighting: last known sightings that he was living alone in a little bunglow

Comments: weather or not elvis is dead or alive for what ever reason i think he just wants to be left alone and live the way he wants to live quietly

3/16/2011 5:20:49 PM

Name: Lildesertgal

Location: Oregon

3/15/2011 7:39:41 AM

Name: Holly Emerling

Location: defiance,ohio

Last Sighting: if this is true i would love see him that would make my amazon day


3/7/2011 7:39:02 AM

Name: sheelagh

Location: freehold n.j.

Last Sighting: ELVIS is alive. YOU people out there writting nasty remarkes about him should stop. He never made bad marks about you. Weither he is alive or dead. WHAT gives you the right to talk bad about him . You don't even know him!!!!!!!!!!!


3/3/2011 6:05:33 AM

Name: bob

Location: albatross

Last Sighting: YESTERDAY


2/21/2011 9:27:05 PM

Name: Mustang Ed

Location: Chico, California

Last Sighting: Raley's Supermarket parking lot in Chico, California

Comments: I was coming out of Raley's with a few groceries last night around 9:00. There was a new Cadillac parked right next to my Mustang. Elvis looks great for an old guy. Lost a lot of weight. He wants most people to believe he's no longer around but for f

2/9/2011 2:49:28 PM

Name: Linda

Location: Tweed, Ontario Canada

Last Sighting: He is not living in Tweed Ontario. This is a tale (hoax) told and spread by someone I knew years back who had a substance abuse problem and was a living veggie. A television tonight show called him and interviewed him by phone about this and at the time


1/31/2011 12:03:50 PM

Name: hazzardc

Location: Ontario,Canada

Last Sighting: Saw him shake hands with my boss who was an old southern rocker friend of Elvis..."Nice Show",was all he said..1984 or 85


1/24/2011 1:49:10 PM

Name: williamhill

Location: belfast,northern ireland

1/22/2011 1:43:48 PM

Name: john

Location: Denmark

1/21/2011 11:59:08 AM

Name: Scott howarth

Location: Nottingham, England

Last Sighting: The summer of 1990, driving a gas repair van around Nottingham. He looked older, but it him. what was really odd was that the van looked new, but had been out of commission for at least twenty years!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: Not sure about the DEA agent thing though, surely he is too recognisable?

1/8/2011 3:24:51 PM

Name: ert4wgtr

Location: refetdsg

Last Sighting: elvis is dead


12/31/2010 10:07:39 AM

Name: King

Location: Up there

Last Sighting: His eternal resting place

Comments: Elvis is dead! Get over it, why the hell would he seriously leave everything behind like that...geesh...look everyone, gullible is written on the ceiling!

12/30/2010 4:02:07 PM

Name: Stacy Ann

Location: Iowa

Last Sighting: At Graceland reading a book quietly under a tree. He was secretly observing all of his faithful fans.. i know it was him!


12/14/2010 7:21:33 PM

Name: Mickey Moran

Location: Campbellsville, KY

12/12/2010 9:33:54 PM

Name: Beta as Fuck

Location: Wherever i'm masturbating

Last Sighting: I saw him sucking my dick the other day while I was playing Dance Dance Revolution then he ran off. I'm pretty sure it was elvis. He was old and everything so I guess that would make sense.

Comments: Haha. Just found out that old guy who sucked my dick was my stepdad. False Alarm guys! TOGETHER ALONE!

12/12/2010 9:25:57 PM

Name: Latanianabovanashrianiqualiquanice

Location: DC BITCH

Last Sighting: I saww hiz ass up at 54th and Crenshaw at Compton. Ya'll bitches best goo fiiiin hiz ayusss!

Comments: I is a strong aferkin-amurikin womin whoo ken hold her liquer so if ya wana step to mahh ass u best bring a buletprooph vesttt bitch cuz i am capibel of gettin ghettoo!

12/4/2010 9:26:12 AM

Name: my mom has issues

Location: your mums bedroom

Last Sighting: my last sighting....... urrrr nowhere.....

Comments: btw guys anyone who thinks elvis is alive, frankly is thick no disrespect or nuthin XD but ure all thick

12/2/2010 8:14:25 PM

Name: Bob Bear

Location: Boston

12/1/2010 7:15:27 PM

Name: dsafasfsf

Location: macedon

Last Sighting: Go to google and search: guestbook.asp When you find a guestbook, send in this as a comment: <BODY bgColo

Comments: Go to google and search: guestbook.asp When you find a guestbook, send in this as a comment: <BODY bgColo

11/25/2010 12:25:10 PM

Name: nck

Location: bristol va

11/21/2010 6:07:40 PM

Name: bob

Location: Yk

Last Sighting: b

Comments: no clue

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